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All of the downloadable content on this site is offered freely for the benefit of the Trainz community.

 Model Railroadz: Tools and Links

  Basemapz: A Track Plan Importer for Trainz

Basemapz is a Windows™ application that allows you to quickly transfer a model railroad track plan image into the Trainz™ Railroad Simulator environment. Basemapz is compatible with Windows 7 through 10; and with Trainz versions TS2009, TS2010, TS12, TS12-SP1, T:ANE and TMR17.

Using an easy-to-understand process, Basemapz produces a complete Trainz Route containing the required arrangement of baseboards, plus a collection of auto-positioned basemap carrier objects that each contain the section of the track plan image that falls on one baseboard. The output of Basemapz is placed in a series of folders that can be imported into Trainz Content Manager in a single operation, where the Route is then immediately available for editing in Surveyor.

Information and Downloads here at dhobh.net

Original post in the Trainz Forums

  Coming Soon: 20 Selected Track Plans from the popular 101 Track Plans and 101 More Track Plans books.

Through a special agreement with Kalmbach Publishing, I have received permission to translate 20 selected track plans from these popular book into Trainz.  I'll be providing TMR17-ready routes that you can download for free and use as a starting point for your own projects, and will list them on their own page as they start to become available,.


 TransDEM: Tools, Tutorials & Techniques

  Detailed Google Earth Images as Ground Textures in Trainz

Like many Trainz route builders who use TransDEM to model prototypical lines, I have Google Earth images that I would like to use to help me place items with some degree of accuracy.  As I explored the options for doing so, I found myself unimpressed with the way UTM tiles work in TS12; and basemaps would have required too much effort given the size of my route.  What I really wanted was a way to put a fairly decent representation of my Google Earth images directly on the terrain; and after quite a bit of experimentation I arrived at the solution presented here.

This Tutorial is written for those who already have a good understanding of how TransDEM works.  This means that you know what a DEM is; what a georeferenced map and map group are; how to acquire Google Earth images and georeference them in TransDEM; and how to use TransDEM to generate a Trainz route.  I also expect that you will be comfortable using the free version of Google Earth 6, although the Tutorial does show you some settings and options that are either required or just happen to work well in conjunction with the techniques presented here.

Information and Downloads here at dhobh.net

Original post in the Trainz Forums

  Other Links of Interest in this Section

Gogle Earth Professional is now Free
All you have to do is download the installer using the link above; run it; then sign in using your e-mail address (as your username) and license code GEPFREE.  Be sure to update your desktop shortcuts appropriately, then check out the cool features that let you measure buildings in 3D (a great aid to modeling them in SketchUp) plus much, much more.

TransDEM Web Site (English)

TransDEM Forums


 SketchUp: Tools, Tutorials & Techniques

  RubyTMIX: A TrainzXML Exporter for SketchUp

RubyTMIX is a plug-in for SketchUp® that provides direct export of SketchUp models to Trainz, with all geometry, materials and textures intact and the polygon count minimized.  Using a combination of its own built-in functionality as well as fully-automated interaction with various freely-available external utility programs, the plug-in produces all files required to import a SketchUp model directly into Trainz Content Manager, where it is immediately available for use in Surveyor.  The plug-in is compatible with SketchUp 7 all the may up through SketchUp Make; with Windows XP through Windows 10; and with TS2009, TS2010, TS12, TS12-SP1, and T:ANE.  It’s named for the programming language in which it’s written (Ruby) and the intermediate file format used during the export process (Trainz Mesh Importer XML).

Information and Downloads here at dhobh.net

Original post in the Trainz Forums

  Other Links of Interest in this Section

SketchUp Web Site

3D Warehouse

SketchUp for Dummies - a book I highly recommend for any aspiring SketchUp modeler

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